Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest system and implement fall protection plan

Accredited by merSETA – 17-QA/ACC/1327/17

Duration of training:

  • 4 Days (theory and practical exposure)

IRT Training entry requirements:

  • Communication at NQF Level 1 or equivalent
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1 or equivalent



Unit Standard
Unit standard ID NQF Level Credits Unit standard title
229995 2 3 Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan


Learners wishing to acquire the competencies in this standard will be people working at height where there is a risk of injury from a fall.

Learners will be involved in performing tasks at height.

Qualifying learners are able to take responsibility for inspection and installation of fall arrest systems and for implementing fall protection plans and rescues.


People credited with this unit standard will be able to:

  • Explaining the use of a range of fall arrest equipment and knowledge of applicable regulations
  • Explaining and using basic rope knots
  • Installing and using fall arrest systems
  • Inspecting and assembling fall arrest equipment and systems
  • Interpreting and implementing a fall protection plan, and
  • Performing basic fall arrest rescues to bring a casualty down to safety

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