Explain the individual’s role within business

Accredited by merSETA – 17-QA/ACC/1327/17

Duration of training:

  • 5 Days (theory and practical)

IRT Training entry requirements:

  • This unit standard has been designed as part of a progression.
  • It is one of a series of unit standards for business relations in the field of manufacturing and engineering



Unit Standard
Unit standard ID NQF Level Credits Unit standard title
12466 2 4 Explain the individual`s role within business


The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard are required by people in the field of manufacturing and engineering.

The learning outcomes in this unit standard also contribute to the exit level outcomes required for various manufacturing and engineering qualifications.

Qualifying learners can explain their role within a business and their rights, contributions and responsibilities.

They are able to demonstrate an understanding of how a business functions, organisational structures, organisational culture and procedures and concepts.


People credited with this unit standard will be able to:

  • Discuss the rights of an employee within the workplace
  • Identify and explain the structures, culture and procedures and concepts within an organisation
  • Discuss how business functions, and
  • Reflect on the individual’s role within the organisation

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