Demonstrate and understanding of HIV/AIDS and its impact on the workplace

Accredited by merSETA – 17-QA/ACC/1327/17

Duration of training:

  • 15 Days (theory and practical exposure)

IRT Training entry requirements:

  • Communication at NQF Level 1



Qualification to which the unit standard is linked
SAQA ID NQF Level Credits Qualification title
36233 2 120 National Certificate: Specialist Hygiene and Cleaning Services
Unit Standard
Unit standard ID NQF Level Credits Credits
377721 2 3 Use a high-pressure water jetting system to prepare a surface


Learners credited with this standard will develop a deeper understanding of HIV/AIDS as a disease.

In addition, they would acquire knowledge of how it affects employees in the workplace and impacts on their rights and responsibilities.

The importance of industry and company policies pertaining to HIV/AIDS is also discussed.


People credited with this unit standard will be able to:

  • Explain the main concepts and aspects of HIV/AIDS
  • Describe the regulatory framework for HIV/AIDS with regard to the workplace, and
  • Explain the impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace

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